Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Royal Puravarna Phuket Yacht Club Hotel, Thailand

Sunshine sparkles across a vista of turquoise and sapphire. Sand massages the soles of the feet. Graceful sails billow across the horizon while sleepy yachts moor in the shallows. This is a landscape of uncompromised beauty. Where the only sound to be heard is the waves lapping against the shore. Delightfully secluded. Vibrantly exclusive. This is a place where passions are awakened and adventures begin. Poised above the shores of Phuket’s finest swimming beach, The Royal Phuket Yacht Club Hotel has a location and reputation that befits no other. An icon of opulence, the hotel has won numerous awards including the most recently appointed “World’s Best Leisure Hotel” by Cond? Nast Traveller and “Thailand’s Leading Resort” at the 13th World Travel Awards 2006.

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